Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One of those days...and multi-tasking

Remember these?

I saw a commercial for the skip it and was instantly 8 years old again. I am seriously considering purchasing one. Here is me explaining to people how badly I want a skip it.

Additionally, there may have been some hula hooping followed by the skip-it conversation. Further proof that I became 8 years old briefly. 

Unfortunately, my skills were not documented...

It's just been one of those days where I convince myself that eating excess amounts of sugar will make me feel better

Unfortunately, drinking full-force soda wasn't really helping me out. I finished about half of each and then tossed them. I need to keep thinking about what I'm putting in my body before I buy or eat it :). It's a work in progress.

On Multi-tasking:

This weekend I found myself struggling for balance. Saturday was consumed by work, Sunday I was hoping to get homework done and somewhere in between I was figuring out how to hit the gym. 

This got me thinking about how a lot of us are multi-taskers and the things we value the most in life are what we need to try to find time for. Despite being busy I needed to go to the gym. Sometimes we justify these things by trying to multi-task. Let me tell you reading a journal article and fighting 12 resistance on the elliptical is hard work!!!

Walking home after the gym I kept thinking: what do I value and how am I making sure I make time for the things that are most important to me?

Important to me:

-Marty/Family/Friends: I need to make sure I fit in the time to connect with those I care about. Even if it's just a quick text to check in, it matters to re-connect.

-Working out: I need to work out to be sane. It makes me feel like I am working on "me". Even though I felt like I didn't have the 30 minutes to spare, hitting the elliptical cleared my head and helped me stay focused. Working out is very important to me.

Eating right: Multi-tasking is not an excuse to fill my body with crap. I need to continue to track my food and make smart eating choices. 

Homework: Getting my degree is important to me. I need to make time to study and work on homework. 

Procrastination is the sister of multi-tasking. Procrastinating puts me in the situation of sacrificing time towards the things I value. 

Questions of the Day:

Are you a multi-tasker?

Did you have a skip-it?

What do you value?

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