Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dental Art, Wandering Eyes and Blue Garlic

Okay, so I went to the dentist today and started thinking about dental art. This was a new dentist for me so my first impression? Their art choice.

Wouldn't be my choice in art, but overall it was a good dental experience. Perhaps this goes to show you shouldn't judge an office by their art? Also, I blatantly disregarded the no cell phone sign...oops, doesn't everyone take pictures of their dental appointments?


35 minutes on the Elliptical on the fat burner mode. Killer hills.

More importantly, I realized I have...wandering eyes. I like to look around at people when working out on a stationary machine.

The problem? I don't really look around to compete with people. I just like looking around. Unfortunately, I realized that literally looking behind you all the time A. looks like you're meeting someone when you're not or B. Looks like you're am trying to check out all the guys at the gym who are either way younger than you or wayyy older and have a ponytail. 

I wanted to take a picture of me with my wandering gaze but thought the people who had caught me staring at them multiple times would find that even stranger. 


I tried to make something a little different for dinner, a lemon garlic and butter sauce. And than this happened:

When I added the lemon the garlic turned BLUE! I was a little concerned so I decided we shouldn't eat the blue sauce... Instead we had pesto on our ravioli with a side of butternut squash. Yum!

How was your workout?

Do your eyes wander?

What do you think of your dentist's art choices? Where do they find that stuff? A special catalog or something?


  1. I LOVE butternut squash. But about 1/6, no, exactly 1/6 of the time I get one that is not up to par, and I'm very sad. Avocados are like that too...
    I wouldn't be afraid of no blue garlic. In fact this makes me want to try adding lemon to my garlic, just to try and get that neat effect. Gyms are great places to people watch, but yeah, probably everyone assumes you are checking them out, but that's(usually/probably?) okay. Going to the gym boosts people's confidence/self esteem, and so does thinking that a cute girl (lady, whoaman, whatev's) is checking you out.
    Hi Bailey, it's Erin (huggins) again. I guess I'm your biggest fan! is that creepy? Hopefully not, I think your kind of awesome. You have a great day, bye now.

    1. Erin!
      Thanks for your support. I really wasn't expecting the blue garlic! Last nights butternut squash weren't amazing. Maybe I let them sit on the counter too long? I'm glad you enjou the blog, thank you so much!

  2. I just googled blue garlic because mine just turned the exact color of yours and I went crazy. I was sure it was some dish soap I don't even use, or some awful thing destined to kill us. I threw out the entire thing but everything I googled swears it's totally fine and not unusual. I use a lot of garlic and NEVER have I seen this happen. I too was making a lemon sauce when I threw in the garlic and it turned blue. What I read said that the lemon shouldn't be what turned it, but I sure think it must have! TOTALLY FREAKED OUT but so glad there are others who had the same thing happen!!