Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bagels, moustaches and football

Saturday mornings workout went something like this:

I am doing my last wall squat but kind of look like I'm in a line up. Katie and I took measurements of ourselves and I will be coming up with a form to store measurements. I will share that form later this week if anyone is interested in using it. 

After our workout we treated ourselves to some Einsteins Bagels.

I had a pumpernickel bagel with jalapeƱo salsa cream cheese, tomato and sprouts. It was delicious. 

Katie and I went to Old Navy in search of some supplies for an awesome craft project. We may have discovered the must have accessory for St. Patricks Day.

Oh yeah! Everyone needs a green moustache!

For dinner I made Thai Peanut Noodles, turned out well but Marty wasn't a fan. He said "I don't know if peanut butter belongs on noodles". I have little hope the man will ever like Thai food. Probably won't make another reappearance because it's a lot of food to make for one person, but it was tasty!

This morning Marty didn't have to work so I made homemade strawberry banana pancakes. They are delicious and from scratch batter is a lot easier to make than you would think.

The rest of the day was spent prepping for the Superbowl. Here is the beginning of the cupcakes :)

Who's side were you on?

Are you a football fan?

Does your significant other have different taste in food than you? Are you a picky eater?

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