Friday, February 15, 2013

Treat Yo Self!!!

First, you need to watch this!

For Valentine's Day, Alex and I decided to make it a "Treat Yo Self" Day. The best day out of the year. 

First we worked out: Treat Yo Self to good health!

Second: Vegan Lunch! Treat Yo Self to delicious food!

Third: Window Shopping! We strolled Ashland looking at the awesome expensive items we can't afford

Four: New Dresses! Treat Yo Self to dresses! No need to plan out a shopping trip, go home and get changed. Try on a dress and check out in it! Trust me, people are totally okay with scanning a price sticker under your arm. Brilliant idea Alex.

Five: Sassy Haircuts! Treat Yo Self to fabulous hair

Afterwards we went to dinner and then came back and ate our weight in chocolate dipped fruit. Yum!

Questions of the Day:

Do you ever treat yo self? 

Ever had a drastically different hair cut? 

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