Monday, February 4, 2013

Computer Break-up, knee problems and eating my feelings

Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday, mine has started off with my work computer ending our relationship

For those who might not be able to read the text it says "The trust relationship between the workstations and primary domain has failed."

I am devastated that so many hours together hasn't fostered more trust.

Despite my failed relationship with technology I spent a good portion of my morning staring at an examination table in the doctors office.

Since my knee pain hasn't been improving I went to a doctor last week to get it checked out. That resulted in being sent to an orthopedic specialist because of a possible torn meniscus. Fortunately the doctor doesn't think I have a torn meniscus, unfortunately the doctor is not quite sure if it is still an IT Band injury. If so than I have a serious IT Band inflammation issue. I kind of blanked out when the doctor talked about injections, blood work and physical therapy. So if anyone is wondering why a running blog seems pretty lacking in the running portion, that's why. I have to go get some blood work done, get an MRI and go back to the doctor's office in three weeks to find out the plan. In the mean time I am going to continue strength training, doing circuit work and foam rolling.

I'm not a binge eater but I do think I am an emotional eater. I definitely feel pretty sick right now after my lunch of 2 pieces of cake, jello, noodle something, spinach salad and a few french fries. I'm not going to lie to you, I feel ashamed listing all that out. I don't think I've blown my calorie goal for the day but I shouldn't eat my feelings, it's really unhealthy and doesn't make me feel better in anyway.

So Let's List the Positives:

- I can still exercise and have really been enjoying Bootcamp

- When I start running again, I will use this feeling (frustration of not being able to run) as fuel to push through and cover greater distances.

- I have amazing friends and an amazing boyfriend that listen to me whine, cry and complain that I can't run right now. 

- I have control over what I put in my body and can choose not to eat emotionally. The plan: take deep breaths, drink water, track food before I eat it and ask whether I am really hungry or just upset. 

- I probably will not have to have surgery. I have the power to work on rehabilitating myself with my doctors instructions. 

- I need to be grateful every day I am able bodied on this earth. Walking and exercising is an amazing gift that I need to be more thankful for.

- I have health insurance and sick time that I can take if I need to. I also have supportive co-workers that will help me through this difficult time.

- This is not a set-back, this is an important part of my journey to help me remember what I should be thankful for. 

I need to stop pouting


Are you an emotional eater?

Have you ever had an injury that you felt was difficult to overcome?

What do you do to stay positive?

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