Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weird Snacks, Race T-Shirts and Margaritas vs Sit-Ups

Last night I was reunited with a snack I haven't tried since I was a kid.


Okay, stay will me, I know it's strange but also delicious. Marty's opinion:

He wouldn't even try it. :( I thought it was great.

Race T-Shirts

In a couple weeks I will be running walking a 4k race with some friends. We decided to MAKE T-SHIRTS. All right folks, I'm not going to lie to you, I love matching. I don't know why,  I just love a theme. We decided to purchase green t-shirts, stencil on them and then add puff paint and glitter. 

Here is the progress so far:

Notes about glitter puff paint. It dries clearer than it looks when you apply it. This is tricky because the color in the bottle is not super appealing. Don't worry, it will dry so the glitter will be highlighted and the color of the shirt will show through.

Also, you will want to clean the tip of the bottle as you apply it so have a paper towel ready so your fingers don't look like this.

Margaritas vs Sit-ups

Sometimes you have to make important decisions like: work-out or hang out with your friends? This happens to me often since I work-out in the evening. Tonight I decided spending time with friends would be a great stress reliever. 

These ladies are really awesome.

So how do you make it up when you miss an important work-out? 

I think you need to figure out what your fitness goals are and how you can still make progress and have a life. I am going to try to squeeze in an extra work-out tomorrow since I have the time. 

Spending time with my friends is important to me. Being healthy is also super important to me. Usually I find a happy medium by working out with friends BUT sometimes you need some chips and salsa. :)

I don't feel bad for this choice and know I will find some time to make up the workout throughout the week. 

Questions of the Day:

How do you make up a work-out?

Any exciting craft projects in the works?

Any strange food combinations?

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