Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weird Snacks, Race T-Shirts and Margaritas vs Sit-Ups

Last night I was reunited with a snack I haven't tried since I was a kid.


Okay, stay will me, I know it's strange but also delicious. Marty's opinion:

He wouldn't even try it. :( I thought it was great.

Race T-Shirts

In a couple weeks I will be running walking a 4k race with some friends. We decided to MAKE T-SHIRTS. All right folks, I'm not going to lie to you, I love matching. I don't know why,  I just love a theme. We decided to purchase green t-shirts, stencil on them and then add puff paint and glitter. 

Here is the progress so far:

Notes about glitter puff paint. It dries clearer than it looks when you apply it. This is tricky because the color in the bottle is not super appealing. Don't worry, it will dry so the glitter will be highlighted and the color of the shirt will show through.

Also, you will want to clean the tip of the bottle as you apply it so have a paper towel ready so your fingers don't look like this.

Margaritas vs Sit-ups

Sometimes you have to make important decisions like: work-out or hang out with your friends? This happens to me often since I work-out in the evening. Tonight I decided spending time with friends would be a great stress reliever. 

These ladies are really awesome.

So how do you make it up when you miss an important work-out? 

I think you need to figure out what your fitness goals are and how you can still make progress and have a life. I am going to try to squeeze in an extra work-out tomorrow since I have the time. 

Spending time with my friends is important to me. Being healthy is also super important to me. Usually I find a happy medium by working out with friends BUT sometimes you need some chips and salsa. :)

I don't feel bad for this choice and know I will find some time to make up the workout throughout the week. 

Questions of the Day:

How do you make up a work-out?

Any exciting craft projects in the works?

Any strange food combinations?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Vegan Pesto, Sweet Potato Pizza and NEW RUNNING SHOES!!!!

All right folks, it's been a busy few days for me since this week is my finals week. I start new classes next week and then I WILL BE DONE WITH MY MASTERS DEGREE!!!!


On Friday, I had some folks over for an awesome craft project that I will reveal later. For dinner I decided to try a vegan pesto recipe that was calling my name. Here's how it turned out:

This recipe was delicious. A new to me ingredient? Nutritional yeast, apparently it adds a creamy, cheesy taste to things. You can find the recipe for this Roasted Tomato Basil Pesto from OhSheGlows.com. I will definitely be trying more recipes from this blog. Delicious. My two friends who tasted it also though it was delicious. 


Our Saturday started off with a pancake breakfast.

I tried to make vegan pancakes but ruined the effect by cooking them in butter...whoops. I will share a recipe when I find one that is delicious. These had good volume but were kind of gummy. Marty liked them :) I made blueberry and dark chocolate pancakes. Instead of syrup on mine, I had a banana. Yum. 

I got my tax refund and felt like I had money to burn so I bought new running shoes!

Since I've been running, I've always run in Brooks but a Tortoise and Hare Sports staff member encouraged me to try something new. I tried these Saucony's and felt like I was running clouds. I haven't been cleared to run from my doctor yet but it made me feel a little less antsy. Something else new? I picked up a wide size. I have wide feet and have always worked through the tightness of a running shoe for the first 50 miles or so. I'm really interested to see how a wide shoe feels. I will write a full review later. 

I also treated myself to some awesome socks.

On Saturday night, I made pizza (missed it on Friday). I tried something different this time around. I decided to add mashed sweet potato to the crust before adding the sauce. 

I had precooked a sweet potato and I thought this would be a great way to use it. The pizza turned out pretty delicious. On the side I made roasted carrots and green beans in balsamic vinegar. 

Add salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and roast at 425 for about 20 minutes.

Enjoy! Nom, nom nom!

Questions of the Day:

How was your weekend? 

Are you in love with a certain brand of running shoes?

What's your favorite breakfast food?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dr. Shame

I don't know if you've caught on to this, but I'm a fairly positive person. One thing I don't like? Someone raining on my parade.

Today I went to the doctor for a follow-up on the blood work that she took for my annual physical. This is a new doctor for me, she is a Wellness doctor which was definitely a different experience. My first appointment, I felt a little uncomfortable with her abrupt manner and I didn't think her physical exam was very thorough. But I thought, hey it's the first time, I'm back in a few weeks maybe she will warm up. 

At my first appointment, I told the doctor that I was very frustrated because I am struggling to lose weight. I shared my weight loss history and told her that my goal was to lose an additional 20 pounds. She gave me a food pyramid and encouraged me to eat whole foods, eliminate meat and dairy from my diet and sugar. 

It looks kind of like this:

Eating vegan doesn't seem crazy to me but I thought okay, if this is something I want to pursue then I will ease into it and perhaps try to eat vegetarian and still continue to track calories. 

I have been really proud of my progress. For the most part I have successfully eaten vegetarian for about 3 weeks and have tried to limit my dairy consumption. I still eat candy, which I know I need to work on but I have a serious sweet tooth. 

I brought in printed copies of Myfitnesspal and was excited to show her my progress. I like talking about food and portioning. It's interesting to me. I told her I had eliminated meat from my diet and was working on dairy but I still had a pretty serious sweet tooth. 

She looked at my tracking and said "Yeah, girl scout cookies". 

Her tone was very disproving. I told her that I eat sweets but I try to find a balance and try to stay within my calorie range. I try really hard to portion out the sweets I eat. I felt really uncomfortable. 

I feel like I've made so much progress in my life with my weight.

But there's something about a doctors disapproval that makes me feel like I weigh over 250 pounds again. I have worked so hard to build myself up and to make myself feel strong and healthy but when a doctor doesn't support those positive things I'm doing I feel defeated, angry and frustrated. 

Doctors shouldn't make us feel ashamed!! It doesn't matter if you are overweight or underweight or the perfect weight, you shouldn't feel shame about your health, you should feel supported to make healthy decisions. This shame can prevent people from seeking the healthcare they need. If you're overweight you know it, you don't need someone treating you like crap, more than likely you're saying worse things to yourself in your head. What I need from a doctor is someone to believe I can make those decisions. 

I need someone to empower me and to say "Bailey, you've done amazing things for your health. If you want to stop eating too much sugar you can do that, you have all the tools you need. And I'm here to help you" 

I don't think that's too much to ask. That doctor has lost my business. 

I will empower myself!!

Since I decided to get healthy I:

I don't need a doctor to make me feel bad about myself. I will not allow someone to make me feel like I don't make good choices. 


I will not take abuse from a doctor. I deserve good healthcare that makes me feel good about my choices. 

So my advice? Stand up for yourself, feel good about your choices. I think that each day is a new day that I can make good decisions. Each time I decide whether or not to workout, make a healthy dining choice or do something healthy for myself I am making a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle. One bad decision doesn't erase my progress. 

Questions of the Day:

Do you like your doctor?

Have you ever thought about being vegan?

What decisions have you made today?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The truth about tofu and granola hoarding

The Truth?


Seriously folks, you need to try this stuff.

So I understand that tofu has a bad rap and maybe a weird texture, but recently I decided to tackle the unthinkable...cooking tofu at home. I have enjoyed tofu in restaurants but the thought of trying to make it at home? A little intimidating.

I purchased some firm tofu from Trader Joe's and cooked up this little number, I call it tofu stir fry...super original. 

First, I cooked broccoli slaw and broccoli in a sauté pan and then set it aside.

Second, I grated ginger and garlic and added it to the skillet with a teaspoon of oil and 2 tablespoons of low sodium soy sauce. After mixing these ingredients, I added 3 ounces of pressed tofu. I pressed some of the water out of it to improve the texture. 

The tofu soaked up the flavored soy sauce and got a little crispy, giving it a really pleasant texture.

Third, I added the steamed vegetables and this sauce:

The finished product looked like this:

If this doesn't look delicious to you, let me tell you it was. The great part? This filling, delicious dinner was under 350 calories.

People, I'm serious, try some tofu.

In other news...

I have developed a problem...granola hoarding

Last week before I went to Oregon, I purchased a variety pack of Love Grown Granola on Amazon.com. I have been busy tracking the package Monday and today. IT CAME!

I was a little excited and had a photo shoot featuring the granola in my office...clearly I have no issues asking people to take my picture. 

Today I tried the Sweet Cranberry Pecan granola...it was delicious. I ate it with almond milk and a banana. 

Friends, this stuff is delicious. It's gluten free and low in sugar. 

This was the perfect snack after spending 60 minutes on the elliptical tackling a hill workout.

Questions of the Day:

What do you eat for a post workout snack?

Do you like tofu?

Ever made tofu at home?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Living a lifestyle, not a lie

Today on Facebook, I saw this picture: (caution, there are curse words)

Does anyone feel like this? 

Sometimes when we set goals it feels necessary to share those goals with the people around us; co-workers, family, friends. I think we tell ourselves:

Self: "Telling people that I am working on losing weight will hold me more accountable" 

People around you: "Oh another diet...cool."

Unfortunately, our willingness to work on changing our lifestyle is not always perceived as a lifestyle change, but sometimes perceived as a diet, or a work out kick. 

Changing your lifestyle is hard!!! Friends, family and co-workers are awesome but they shouldn't hold the sole responsibility of holding you accountable for your lifestyle changes. Don't make a lunch choice because you fear the judgement of others based on your proclaimed goals, make a better lunch choice because it's a step in changing your lifestyle. 

A lot of people think of a diet as this: 

Obviously, agonizing over sprinkles is trivializing how difficult it is to make smart choices and figure out what a balanced diet means. 

An Example:

Last night Marty and I cut into this chocolate peanut butter filled egg I bought from Harry and David. It looked a little like this:

After eating some of it and storing the rest, I sat down to track my food. I saw that if I tracked the egg I would go over my calorie goal for the day because I hadn't exercised. Part of me really didn't want to track the food. I thought: no one cares that I ate some of that egg, it's not like I have any friends on MyFitnessPal, what does it matter? 

I had to stop these thoughts, because to me it feels like I'm keeping secrets. Secret food is not good food, it's a behavior pattern that inhibits me from being transparent about my lifestyle and doesn't make me feel good. 

I don't feel BAD for eating some of that chocolate egg. I did go over my calories. I did track my calories. 

Secret food, or secret candy is not a good habit.

Friends, you still ate the calories. For me, candy is part of a balanced lifestyle, I really like sugar and have an insane sweet tooth. If I don't include sweets in my daily, yes daily eating, I will binge on sugar. 

Today, I am encouraging you to live a lifestyle, not a lie. What are things that you need to include in your lifestyle that are unique to you, things that you can share with others without having to feel ashamed?


I like candy.

I will not exercise every single day.

Sometimes, I eat taco bell.

I don't hate myself for the food I eat.

I need to track my food to hold MYSELF accountable.

People who judge me based on what I eat are not people I want in my life.

I found this meme and really liked it:

Now don't take this to mean that cookies and sugar are what should make you feel better, but I think being balanced and feeling good about your choices, even if it's cookies or cake is okay. 

Remember, you're trying to live a lifestyle, not a lie. No one is perfect.

Questions of the Day:

What are things that make your lifestyle unique?

Do you eat secret candy?

Do you share your goals with friends, family or co-workers?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things I love about Oregon

On the flight home, I kept thinking about all the things I love about Oregon and really wanted to share them with you. Promise this will be my last post about my Oregon trip :)

One: Every other car is a Subaru Outback...and sometimes a Forester

Seriously, the Subaru is clearly the Northwest's favorite car. I'm sure there is some kind of research on it. Source

Two: They have awesome parks

Want to go hiking in the woods in the morning? Oregon's got your back...but beware, it can be cold.

Have kids? Oregon builds awesome tree houses and look-outs for 20 somethings to pose for pictures children.

Three: Healthy food options

I'm not vegan like Alex but it you are vegan or have a lot of food allergies, Oregon is your place to dine out. Between restaurants and health food stores you will be able to eat delicious and healthy food.

This Almond milk from Califia Farms blew my mind. I will do everything in my power to make AZ stores carry it.

Four: This place

I don't know how you feel about your undergrad institution, but being back on campus made me appreciate how much I've grown since I graduated and how wonderful my undergrad experience was. Source

Five: Best breakfast and brown rice in the world...okay at least in Oregon

Okay, Breadboard is amazing. Eggs benedict was my go to meal in college but I went a little out of my comfort zone and tried french toast on their amazing multigrain bread with apple cinnamon syrup. AMAZING!

Okay, it doesn't matter what you put on it, this brown rice is awesome! This brown rice helped me transition from the delicious white rice variety. If you're in Ashland go to Mihama's, it will change your rice eating destiny.

Six: Pears the size of your head...and baby pears

Want a pear bigger than your face? Go to Harry and David. It will be delicious, huge and amazing! Great part? You don't need to go to Oregon to get one of these babies. You can order them online. Success.

Seven: This Lady

No matter how many years we spend apart, this lady will always be my best friend. Through good times and bad, crazy ideas, and new dreams, Alex has always been there for me. 

Questions of the day:

What's your favorite place?

Ever try almond milk?

I like Almond milk but Califia Farms almond milk is something else. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Treat Yo Self!!!

First, you need to watch this!

For Valentine's Day, Alex and I decided to make it a "Treat Yo Self" Day. The best day out of the year. 

First we worked out: Treat Yo Self to good health!

Second: Vegan Lunch! Treat Yo Self to delicious food!

Third: Window Shopping! We strolled Ashland looking at the awesome expensive items we can't afford

Four: New Dresses! Treat Yo Self to dresses! No need to plan out a shopping trip, go home and get changed. Try on a dress and check out in it! Trust me, people are totally okay with scanning a price sticker under your arm. Brilliant idea Alex.

Five: Sassy Haircuts! Treat Yo Self to fabulous hair

Afterwards we went to dinner and then came back and ate our weight in chocolate dipped fruit. Yum!

Questions of the Day:

Do you ever treat yo self? 

Ever had a drastically different hair cut?