Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ranch Market: Discovering a New Grocery Store

Ranch Market

So if you live in the Phoenix area there is a place you need to go: Pro's Ranch Market!

Pro's Ranch Market is a grocery store that specializes in ingredients found in Mexican cuisine. The best part? It's not just a grocery store. 

They have a juice bar!! With fresh juiced watermelon!

Additionally, they have an amazing hot food section that you can get a wonderful and reasonably priced lunch!

 El Pastor Torta

Rice, Beans, Torta and Carne Asta Tacos

The best? THE BAKERY!!!! Mexican Pastry is amazing, seriously! (this is only half the case)

We picked a yummy assortment of pastries that were enjoyed much later. 

Why try something like a grocery store for lunch? This is a great opportunity to try different types of food and find out where the good chilies can be purchased. I was worried about going to Ranch Market because I didn't speak Spanish, but don't let that stop you! The staff were awesome, super helpful and the lunch was delicious. 

In other news?

I picked up my graduation gear!!!

I was pretty excited.

People think I'm crazy...

I can't wait! I graduate with my Masters in just about one month!!!

Questions of the Day:

Ever go to a supermarket for lunch?

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