Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mt. Biking and Sunday Recipes

It's been a busy weekend! On Saturday we went to the batting cages/arcade and had dinner with friends.

I'm not much of a batter but we did find something amazing!!!! We found an M & M machine! I begged Marty to buy me some. The machine ate our dollar and we saw it as a sign that we shouldn't eat M &M's before dinner.

Mt. Biking and IT Band Pain

We went Mt. Biking today and I really didn't think I would have any IT Band Pain since I had used the stationary biking and the Spinning bike without pain. Unfortunately, I was wrong. 

We Mt. Biked for about 30 minutes, but I was worried about making the inflammation worse. I will be writing an update on my IT Band plan tomorrow after meeting with the new physical therapist. For tonight, I will be icing and foam rolling my leg.

After Mt. Biking I was excited to try two new recipes for dinner. I made Mango Fried Rice from Post Punk Kitchen and No Bake Chocolate Macaroons for Oh She Glows.

Mango Fried Rice

So this Mango Fried Rice was pretty delicious but had a lot of ingredients.

Mango, tomato, red onion, red bell pepper, jasmine rice, ginger, and garlic

 Green beans

Toasted Cashews
I made the jasmine rice in the slow cooker ahead of time. This was the first time I made rice in a slow cooker and honestly it overcooked the rice. I will need to work on that. The recipe calls for day old rice but I really wanted to try it and didn't have the patience. :) If you are going to make this recipe, I would suggest putting all the ingredients in separate bowls. When you make fried rice you need to add ingredients in quick succession while stirring and this would make it easier.

I cut the recipe in half and it still made a lot of rice!

This rice was tasty but Marty wasn't a fan, he thought it was too spicy. I will probably try it again with day old rice. Since my rice was overcooked, it clumped together and got a little gooey. It didn't have that delicious fried rice texture but the flavor was great!

No Bake Chocolate Macaroons

I was super excited to try this recipe because it included two "new to me" ingredients, chia seeds and coconut oil. I purchased some coconut oil from Trader Joe's and the chia seeds I purchased in bulk from  Sprouts. 

This recipe was super simple and only had 7 ingredients! The hardest part of this recipe was waiting 20 minutes for them to set. 

These had a rich fudge texture to them and a great chocolate flavor. If you like Mounds, these are for you! 

Super yummy, but not the best cookie to take to a party because they will get soft if they aren't refrigerated. I really liked using a banana as the base. Overall, delicious! 

Question of the Day:

What is your perfect weekend? 

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