Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Changer, Personal Style and Functional Training

Life Changer

Last week I made a life changing decision permanent and honestly, I am still kind of recovering from the finality of it.

Several months ago, I decided I needed to move on to a different position within Higher Education.

This might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people; some may think:

"Sure you're changing to a different area but overall your career is still the same right? You still work in Education."

But honestly, I feel like I'm changing my whole life.

Marty thinks I'm a little dramatic but I've been working in this area of higher education for four years professionally and three years in my undergrad. Seven years! I'm 26, so that feels like a lot. Additionally, I live on-campus as part of my position. Living off-campus, having that separation from work is going to be life-changing.

I always tell my students and the people in my life that they need to believe in themselves because they are amazing. Sometimes it's difficult to believe in yourself with the same unwavering certainty.

This letter is a symbol for me, I believe I can get a new job, in a new division and be successful. I have worked hard to get my masters degree and to develop myself professionally.

For those of you making big life changes, you rock and you can do it!

Personal Style

This weekend Banana Republic Factory store was having a big sale and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to score some interview clothes. I was strongly considering "suiting up" in this new job search but here are a few issues:

1. I don't like pants.

2. I feel like a little kid dressed up in an old persons clothes.

3. Overall, I don't feel super sharp. 

Case and point:

So, I get that the suit is a little big on me but it just didn't feel right.

I think I will try a style more like this with spiffy jewelry to make it more business formal.

Also, it's hot in Arizona. I don't want to be dying in a suit when I should be awesome and hirable in a great dress and blazer. I didn't buy this outfit but it's more of what I'm looking for.

Functional Training

This weekend Marty had some gravel delivered to his house for landscaping. 

Talk about a functional workout. For those of you who shovel snow POWER ON! I helped for about 2 and a half hours and my shoulders are still a little sore. It was great.

Questions of the Day:

Have you changed careers?

Ever try Functional Training?

Suit or no suit?

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