Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feel the Power of Strength Training

This Morning

There are few things that bring me more joy than manager special yogurt

Heck yes .49 cents. I may have purchased a few of these (10). 

This is a new brand of yogurt for me but overall it was pretty good. Creamy and delicious, like other Greek yogurts and not too high in sugar. I feel a little lost without my cranberry apple butter and plain yogurt. And you can't beat that price!!!

Other things purchased:
CRUMPETS (they were delicious, different but really good)

Yeah, I go to the grocery store and purchase a crockpot...this will be necessary for Superbowl Sunday.

Adorable baby butternut squashes. What's great? So small, basically single serving butternut squash! Love it.

Work it Out

Today while working out, my friend and I started talking about strength training and how a lot of women believe that lifting weights will make you look like a body builder. I started to think about how strong and powerful I feel when I lift weights and how much I have enjoyed Tina's Best Body Bootcamp because I have the opportunity to blend strength training and cardio. 

Why should women strength train? This article from LIVESTRONG gives really good reasons for strength training for women which include: strength, metabolism, bone health and heart health. You can read this article for the specifics: Women & Weight Lifting: Why All Women Need Strength Training

Exercise is wonderful and you should find what makes you feel good but there are some things things that make me feel uniquely athletic and incredibly strong. For me those things are strength training and running. An hour on the elliptical makes me sweat, but it doesn't make me grin when I leave the gym. 

Little peek of my muscles...and then....


I don't just feel strong, I feel beautiful. Do what makes you feel good and take care of your whole self. Be Awesome!

Do you like to strength train?

Ever purchase half price yogurt?

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