Sunday, January 27, 2013

Let's Get Crafty: Bookmark Place Cards

Bookmark place cards craft project

This weekend is my book club meeting and since many of the ladies involved don't know each other I thought it would be fun to create a party favor themed to the club and encourage folks to sit next to people they might not know very well. I decided to make bookmarks that serve as place cards since our meeting was at a restaurant. 

Step One: Collect project materials: Patterned paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, photocopied book pages, a pen and a Sharpie.

Step Two: Use an existing bookmark or cut out a piece of card stock to use a reference for cutting book marks out of patterned paper. I used an existing bookmark and cut it to the size I wanted my bookmarks to be.

Step Three: Trace shape using your guide and then cut out patterned paper. I chose different paper for each bookmark. 

Step Four: For text accents, cut a smaller guide to create uniform text accent pieces.

Trace shapes with guide. I decided to trace vertically.
Cut out the strips.

Step Five: Fit text accent over patterned paper as desired.

Paste in place and trim off the edges

Step Six: Add complimentary paper for name

Step Seven: Punch hole and add ribbon 

Thread ribbon through punched hole and bring ends through loop to make a slip knot.

And you're done!

So simple! Remember everyone can be crafty!

What's the best party favor you've ever made/received? 

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