Monday, April 29, 2013

Running Without Pain, New Runner and Worst Critic

Running Without Pain

Today was the first day this year that we hit the 100s; summer is on it's way here in Phoenix. Because of the heat I thought I would try the treadmill. In my two previous runs since being cleared to run I have been able to jog a maximum of 10 minutes without having to walk. Today I jogged for 25 minutes straight and didn't have any aching in my hip or any pain in my knee!! I really feel like I am working through this IT Band injury and am starting to feel more positive.

I think there's a lot of truth to hip and glute strengthening. I have been working hard to keep up with my strength routine. I will do an embarrassing tutorial next week.

As I was running and it started to get a little hard, I kept thinking about how grateful I was for every step. Every step and run is a gift, I hope I don't forget that and get lazy and stop doing my strengthening exercises.

It wasn't a fast two miles but I'll take 'em!

New Runner

Huge shout out to my running buddy today, Katie. She is breezing through C25K and working very hard to get ready for her first 5k in May.

Katie also agreed to run a half marathon with me in November. I put it on the blog because now, since it's on the internet that makes it real. Seriously. :)

Worst Critic 

I am very critical of myself and have a hard time accepting compliments. This weekend I had graduation pictures taken by one of my very talented and wonderful staff members and honestly it was pretty uncomfortable for me.

First, I don't really love getting my picture taken, if I do get it taken I prefer to keep it cheesy and fun, not too serious.

There's risk, trying to be pretty or feel pretty.

Today I got my pictures and had a small melt down in my office. It's so hard for me to see a difference in the way I look from when I lost weight. I know it's pretty crazy but when I looked at these pictures all I could see were the problems and I had a hard time celebrating the difference, which was the whole point of getting these pictures done.

So, instead of concentrating on what I didn't like, I decided to do a side by side comparison so I could help visualize the differences, forcing myself to get out of such a negative self-hating mindset.

Everyone can take a bad happens. It's time to celebrate where I came from and keep moving forward. So instead of the pictures I don't like, here are a few of my favorites and how my graduation announcement turned out.

Thanks to Bianca and Katie for being amazing and helping me get out of my comfort zone.

Love yourselves people, we are all works in progress.

Question of the Day:

Are you your own worst critic?

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