Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scottsdale Culinary Festival and Hiking!

This morning I did something I've never really done before...went hiking alone. I discovered I really like it!

It was a beautiful morning. Seriously people, you need to move to Phoenix. I hiked 3.5 miles in one hour. It was really great. Even though the trail was busy, I felt like I was there by myself. There's something really special about hiking in a city. There's this amazing juxtaposition between nature and the city. I had a great morning and look forward to exploring more trails on my own!

Scottsdale Culinary Festival

Today Marty and I went to the Scottsdale Culinary Festival! We volunteered at the CityEats booth. CityEats is a great website created by the Food Network where you can make reservations at restaurants in your area without worry. These restaurants are handpicked by the Food Network, making dining out at a new restaurant stress free! It was really great to talk to people about awesome restaurants in Phoenix, I know I will be using CityEats when it's my turn to plan date night. 

After volunteering we went to explore the festival. I didn't take pictures of everything but trust me, we were super full when we left. 

Volunteering for a festival is a great way to get free admission. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet people in your community and experience the great events your town/city has to offer. I would suggest checking out your city center to see what kind of events they have in your town.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. A little present when I was making dinner. 

Questions of the Day:

Have you ever hiked alone?

Have you ever been to a culinary festival?

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