Saturday, April 27, 2013

The First Run

I can distinctly remember the first time I ran a mile. I was doing the C25K program, and it was the big 20 minute run. I was completely terrified. Every week I had pushed myself to run farther than I had run before. It was empowering but so scary. In the C25K program the 20 minute run is a big leap from I think 10 minutes to 20, I strongly doubted I could do it.

At the time, I lived in Colorado and did all my running on a treadmill. I weighed about probably around 220 pounds and honestly had never run a mile in my life.

The last five minutes of that run seemed to go in slow motion. I couldn't believe that I was running and I had run over a mile. I felt strong and like I could lose the weight. I finished that run and for the first time felt like a runner, an identity that has been closely tied to my weight loss journey.

Getting injured is more than missing a race or to. For me it brings back the fear that the weight will slowly creep back up. With that fear and stress comes bad eating.

BUT! my physical therapist said that I could try to slowly start incorporating jogging back into my life!!!! Last Saturday was my first run after injury. Or should I say my first pain free run after injury.

So exciting! My leg is still not 100% but I feel like there's some progress. I will continue to work with my Physical Therapist and hopefully be training for another half marathon soon.

Question of the Day:

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