Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fitting in the miles and date night

Fitting in the Miles

Great news! My Physical Therapist officially approved approved my 8 weeks to awesome plan to build up my mileage! I was a little nervous about whether or not she would approve. The only change she suggested I make was add another rest day. I am going to make my pure 30 minute cross training day an optional day and try to listen to my body. 

Friday, was a pretty busy day for me and I had plans for dinner so I had to get creative about fitting in some miles. 

First let's talk about food. My friend and I used our lunch hour to go buy some sunglasses. I broke mine  on Tuesday. If there is one thing you need in Arizona it's sunglasses. Since we used most of hour lunch hour shopping we decided to stop by Trader Joe's to pick up lunch and then head back to work. 

I tried this citrus chicken salad. It was pretty tasty and only 220 calories with the salad dressing. 

I haven't had yogurt in forever but decided to pick up some mango yogurt. Not going to lie, it was delicious. Since I knew I wanted to do some serious hiking on Saturday I really tried to hydrate on Friday.

Friends, I love sparkling's awesome. 

After work I had about an hour before I needed to head to Downtown Phoenix for dinner. I decided to try to get 2 miles in. Since it was only about 92 degrees out and there was a nice breeze, I decided to run outside. The last time I ran outside was about a week and a half ago when I was just running in 5 minute intervals. I really wanted to run 2 miles and run them the entire time. It was pretty rough but overall I didn't have any pain in my knee. Towards the end of my run I started to get some aching in my right knee. I have started taking notes after each run so it's easier to tell my physical therapist how the run went. 

I just take some quick notes while I am walking to cool down. 

All right folks, it's true, I am a very slow runner but you know what? Running is running, I don't have any shame in the 12:24 average pace. Not all of us can run 7:30 minute miles but that doesn't make me any less of a runner. I work just as hard as they do :)

So even though I didn't have a lot of time, I had 30 minutes and I knew I could get a few miles in and feel good about going out to dinner. 

Date Night

We went to Pita Jungle in Downtown Phoenix for dinner and it was pretty good. I had the cilantro jalapeƱo hummus with tuna. Marty and I also shared a side of veggies. 

Now this is more hummus than any one person needs to eat, but I shared and it was delicious. 

After dinner Marty and I used a Groupon that I bought in December as a stocking stuffer. LASER TAG!! This place was a little sketchy but we wanted to use our Groupon. We played with 2 younger kids and had a really great time. 

After playing we had a few tokens for the batting cage and we realized that the astroturf was really dirty  and my legs were covered with dirt.

Not going to stop me!

We had a great time and I know that I was able to enjoy myself a lot more because I had fit in a workout. 

Blog Changes:
Folks, I am going to be moving my blog to shortly. Yay! I bought my own domain. Just want to let you know that in approximately a week that will happen. I will make sure I post it when the official change happens. 

Questions of the Day:
How do you squeeze in a workout?
Do you have a favorite activity for date night?


  1. I'll be SO happy when I can run a 12.24 pace!! I managed a 5k at 13.48 avg this weekend, which is better than the 14 something I did at the previous hopefully I'll get there soon!!

    1. You will get there! That's an awesome change in pace in your most recent 5k. The more you run you will continue to build your pace :)